Covid - 19 update

Covid -19 update

Because of Covid we have changed how we are providing PLD to ESS teachers. We will be running webinars - some in the evening, that teachers can particpate in, and some that are pre-recorded. All webinars will be recorded, archived, and linked via the website, Facebook and regular newsletters.

These webinars will be on:

    • how Mātauranga Māori can be effectively integrated into school ESS programmes and resources

    • each of the L2 and L3 ESS standards. These will target newer ESS teachers, although anyone is welcome to join and access them.

    • interesting topics relevant to ESS content, skills and pedagogy.

1on1 help will still be available. Contact your regional representative or Jenny Pollock for longer discussions.

Face-to-face meetings will hopefully be held later on in the year.