New-to-ESS teacher resources
Pūtaiao ā-Papa, ā-Rangi o Aoteaoa kaiako nrauemi

Resources for new-to-ESS teachers

These resources are aimed at those teachers, of whatever age or experience, who are new to teaching Earth and Space Science topics, ready for NCEA L1, 2 or 3 assessments. 

Teachers who need a refresher, or to upskill themselves, will also find these resources useful. 

Please email Jenny if you have any queries, or any requests for further resources and/or PLD.

Here are some useful links:

Level One resources: including a culturally appropriate resource Navigating by the Sun, suitable for assessing 90954 or 90955.

Level Two resources: Here are links to folders for all the L2 internal and external assessments. This includes a task in a cultural context: Geological Processes Ngāuruhoe.

Level Three resources: Here are links to folders for all the L3 internal and external assessments. 

Resources and hints useful for combined L2 | L3 classes: These resources show you how to save time if you have a combined class. There are also some very good ideas for 2.1 and 3.1 parctical investigations. 

ESS Scholarship resources: Comprehensive notes and resources for teachers who are taking an ESS Scholarship class. Also, email Jenny if you need further help. A tutorial for new-to-ESS Scholarship teachers will be run in term 2. 

Relevant webinars

New-to-ESS teacher resources: This folder contains resources for practical investigations (2.1 and 3.1),  Research (2.2, 2.4 and 3.2), 91191 (Extreme Earth Events), 91192 (Stars and Planetary systems), 91415 (Aspects of Astronomy).
Webinars on 91413 (Oceans) and 91414 (Atmosphere) will be posted mid-year and put into this folder.

Geology resources from Julian Thomson: There is one excellent webinar in this folder and we hope to have more in the future. Julian has got a lot of resources on his website: Out There Learning

Gary Sparks' webinar on the "Secret Life of Stars: This is good background for 91192.

Common Misconceptions:  Keith Hartle is doing a series of webinars on common misconceptions that students' write in exams. Sometimes we just don't know that students aren't understanding certain key concepts. 

ew-to-ESS teacūtareiao ā-Papa, ā-Rangi  earoa kaiako