Hei Āwhina

Google Drive folder: The go-to place for resources at the moment. Email and you will be given access. You will also be put onto our database so that you can receive notifications about workshops, events and new resources.

Workshop and webinar dates and other news: These will be sent out by MailChimp newsletter, Facebook notifications and emails. Please read anything from us carefully to get relevant information.

ESSENZ website: - the ‘go-to’ place for news, conferences, field trips, resources and secure assessments.

Help for ESS/SciESS teachers: ESSENZ has a network of Regional Representatives (RR) that can offer help to ESS/SciESS teachers. Note that some of the regions overlap, so that teachers have a choice to suit their locality and needs, whether for individual help or workshop dates and venues.
The contact details for the
regional representatives can be found here.

Facebook: Look up Earth & Space Science Educators NZ or follow this link: Good for contacting other ESS teachers and getting ideas for assessments and access to some tasks.

1on1 help: Because ESS is a relatively small subject some teachers are not able to easily obtain the support that they need in areas such as ideas and task writing for internal standards, assistance with the moderation of student work and unfamiliar or difficult content in external standards. Contact your local RR here or, for a longer or trickier query, contact Jenny Pollock at Jenny is also happy to have Zoom calls if longer discussions are needed.

PLD Workshops: We will be having workshops in Term 1, 2021. The first round of workshops, in term 1 or early term 2 will be general PLD ones. Later on in the year enrichment days will be held that connect teachers with the resources in their area. To find out about workshops click here and to find out about funding help see below.

Rural/distance/new to ESS help: Our funding enables us to assist teachers who aren’t able to get funding to come to workshops. This funding is for rural, distant teachers or for teachers new to ESS, but we will consider any reasonable request. We pay relief costs for the hours you would have worked at your school that day plus petrol for a car or mini-bus. If you think that you qualify email Jenny Pollock

Webinars: We will be running webinars especially for the externally assessed standards and for ESS Scholarship. These will become regular events in 2021. To find out about webinars click here here.

ESS Scholarship: Resources for both teachers and candidates are now available online here.
Workshops will be held in the main centres if requested.
Zoom tutorials will also be held if requested. Contact Jenny Pollock at

ESA workbooks: