L1 PESS -  92044 + 92046

L1 PESS - 92044 and 92046

A hard working team of teachers have developed some excellent resources for for these two PESS standards. Many thanks to them.

Each folder contains a Unit plan, and extensive resources.  Some resources, such as the webinars, are still being produced. Always refresh your screen when you open the website, this loads any new mahi if it hasn't been uploaded already.

Here is the link for all the PESS standards, including 92044 and 92046

Here is the link to the Subject Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for both 92044 and 92046 SLOs

Here is the link to PESS exemplars, past exams, reports and schedules  

Below are the links to each folder. If you have any access problems contact Jenny

PESS 1.1 (92044) Human Induced Changes

PESS 1.3 (92046) Earth, Sun, Moon

Webinars 1.1 (92044)

Webinars 1.3 (92046)

NZQA links 1.1 (92044)

NZQA links 1.3 (92046)

NZQA links for all PESS standards

PLD opportunities for these new standards:

Here is the link for the PLD timetable. Please note that changes may occur over the next few weeks. 

Here is the link to the MOE page that shows you how to sign up for the series of PLD/support workshops happening in Term 1.