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Whakapā mai

Executive Committee Members

President: Mairi Borthwick

Senior Vice-President: Jenny Pollock

Secretary: Larraine Barton

Treasurer: Marcia Hengst

General admin: Donna Sellers

Networks of Expertise admin: Jenny Pollock

NZQA Liaison: Email if you have any concerns about possible inaccuracies in exams and/or schedules. We will liaise with NZQA on your behalf.

Website Administrator: Bruce Ngataierua:

Mātauranga Māori: Mere Manning or

Also on the Executive Committee:
John Smith: Carolyn Green:

Google Workspace: Nick Major and Bruce Ngataierua

For information on the Networks of Expertise program and access to the Google Drive resources contact Jenny Pollock at

Regional Representatives

Keith Hartle:

Ross Stephens :
John Smith:

Waikato, South Auckland, Central NI, Coromandel
Jenny Pollock until a new RR is appointed

Bay of Plenty, Central NI, Coromandel
Jenny Pollock until a new RR is appointed

Hawkes Bay, Gisborne area, Wairapara, Te Kura
Mere Manning:
Bruce Ngataierua:

Jenny Pollock until a RR is appointed

Manawatu, Horowhenua, New Plymouth
Mairi Borthwick:

Wellington, the Hutt, Horowhenua, Wairapara
Sheen Joseph

Nelson, Marlborough, Kaikoura, Westland
Mark Chamberlain:

Canterbury, Kaikoura, North Otago
Anna Johnston:
Carolyn Green:

Otago including Central, Southland
Daniel Bleckinger

Anyone who, for whatever reason, can’t access help from an RR or local teacher
Jenny Pollock: