Workshops and Webinars

Ngā Awheawhe

Our program for this year is still being developed and is dependent on receiving the next lot of NEX funding and on Covid-19 restrictions.
We hopefully will be running general PLD workshops in Term 1 and early Term 2, focusing on internals, junior science and the resources ESSENZ has been working on. If these can't go ahead a modified Zoom equivalent will be offered instead.
We are also planning on offering webinars on all the externals, 91191, 91192, 91193, 91413 and 91414.
Also, we are considering running webinars on New-to-NZ-geology, Junior Science using the Science Capabilities and Mātauranga Māori in ESS.

We will do our best to record and archive all our webinars and make the links available on the website.

Earth and Space Science Scholarship (93104)

Webinars, and workshops in large centres will be offered on demand in 2021.

Meanwhile, comprehensive resources can be found here: ESS Scholarship resources. It is strongly suggested that the first section folder be gone through first. Also, it is essential that the 'Read this first' document in each section is read first.

These resources, and any webinars or workshops, build on information and understanding that would have been learnt in a L2 or L3 course. If you haven't covered that content in class go over the power-points and revision notes in the relevant ESS Scholarship section folders.

Email Jenny Pollock at for more information.

New to New Zealand Geology

Email Jenny Pollock at if you are interested in webinars on this topic.