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Covid - 19 update
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Webinars coming up:

Jenny Pollock is doing a recording containing hints for 2.2 (91188) and 3.2 (91411) which will be put onto the website by the end of May.

Mere Manning is presenting her first two webinars on developing a Te Ao Māori cultural lens in May and June. These will be recorded and stored in the webinar recording and resources folder. See details below:


THURSDAY 26TH MAY: 7 – 8.30PM Zoom link:

Te Kaupapa:

This 90 minute webinar is aimed at providing a variety of approaches to help kaiako to begin developing a Te Ao Māori cultural lens.

A lot of kura are doing a variety of mahi to help their kaiako grow their cultural lens and thus help them to start to colour their spaces. This webinar aims to bring together a variety of those approaches into the one space.

It is hoped that beginning kaiako can use the power-point and recorded webinar to help them on their journey. The more experienced kaiako may find it a helpful tool to add to their kete for reviewing these approaches regularly and thus ensure they continue to maintain a Te Ao Maōri cultural lens.

Approaches supplied in this webinar will also be referred to by the facilitator in the second webinar.


THURSDAY 23RD JUNE: 7 – 8.30PM: Zoom link:

Te Kaupapa:

This 90 minute webinar is aimed at now using our Te Ao Māori cultural lens to apply an authentic mātauranga Māori approach to curriculum writing. Kaiako will be guided through an exemplar and the whakaaro behind the mātauranga Māori used to create this document.

Kaiako are asked, if possible, to bring an exemplar of their own to share or a template/draft of one they have been working on that they may like to add to during this webinar.

Through the whakaaro shared by the facilitator in her approach taken and those attending, other kaiako new to this space may go away with a better idea on how to apply an authentic approach to their own writing.

It is also hoped that a kaupapa may come out of this second webinar for a “next steps from here” webinar or ESS facilitator regional hui in term 3/4.

Webinar links - resources and recordings:

Here is the link for the folder that contains the webinar recording and resources, whether the webinar has been done with an audience or not. Below are the individual webinar links

Jenny P 2.1 and 3.1 Investigations webinar
Julie Palmer - Massey - Stratigraphy

Keith - Common misconceptions related to the Sun and its relationship to heating the Earth

Covid -19 update

Because of Covid we have changed how we are providing PLD to ESS teachers. We will be running webinars - some in the evening, that teachers can particpate in, and some that are pre-recorded. All webinars will be recorded, archived, and linked via the website, Facebook and regular newsletters.

These webinars will be on:

    • how Mātauranga Māori can be effectively integrated into school ESS programmes and resources

    • each of the L2 and L3 ESS standards. These will target newer ESS teachers, although anyone is welcome to join and access them.

    • interesting topics relevant to ESS content, skills and pedagogy.

1on1 help will still be available. Contact your regional representative or Jenny Pollock for longer discussions.

Face-to-face meetings will hopefully be held later on in the year.

Earth and Space Science Scholarship (93104)

Webinars, and workshops in large centres will be offered on demand in 2022, and online tutorials will begin early Term 3.

Meanwhile, comprehensive resources can be found here: ESS Scholarship resources. It is strongly suggested that the first section folder be gone through first. Also, it is essential that the 'Read this first' document in each section is read first.

These resources, and any webinars or workshops, build on information and understanding that would have been learnt in a L2 or L3 course. If you haven't covered that content in class go over the power-points and revision notes in the relevant ESS Scholarship section folders.

Email Jenny Pollock at for more information.