Welcome to Earth and Space Science Educators

ESSE is the national subject association which represents the professional interests of teachers of Earth and Space Science (ESS), whether they teach full ESS courses or some ESS standards as part of a Science course.

Our objectives are to make sure that ESS is well resourced and that secure, ‘fit-for-purpose’, assessments are available for teachers to use. We will advertise PLD opportunities such as workshops, conferences and field trips and also keep you up to date with some of the latest ESS news.

We also offer one-on-one help for teachers who are not able to readily get the help they need.

Contact us at earthspacenz@gmail.com

Jenny Pollock, CRSNZ, Chairperson ESSE.

Networks of Expertise PLD

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Classroom resources

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Secure assessments

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ESS Scholarship resources

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Field trip ideas

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Culturally responsive resources

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Special ed. needs resources.

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Networks of Expertise workshops – see ‘Workshops page’

Our Networks of Expertise teacher support workshops have begun. Details of the Dunedin, Napier, Hamilton and Tauranga workshops are posted on the ‘Workshops’ page. No fee is being charged for them; they are funded by the NoEx. We wish to encourage teachers from remote and rural schools to come to… Read More

One-on-one help for ESS or Science with ESS teachers

Details about one-on-one or small groups of teachers (ESS or Science with ESS Y11-13) support: Because ESS is a relatively small subject some teachers are not able to easily obtain the support that they need in areas such as: – ideas and task writing for internal standards – assistance… Read More