Networks of Expertise news

ESSE has been given a grant by the Ministry of Education as part of the Networks of Expertise initiative – to grow and develop existing and new curriculum, teaching and learning networks.

The purpose of the funding is to:

  • develop and grow a robust network that provides timely, on-going advice and guidance to build capability and adaptive expertise for teachers
  • support national and regional initiatives aimed at providing peer to peer, collaborative support to teachers
  • utilise and add to research and evidence that informs teacher practice
  • undertake activities that promote linkages between the science education sector and the MOE to build shared knowledge and innovation to drive equity.

How ESSE is going to spend our NoEx money:

The ESSE executive are designing a programme for teachers of ESS or Science including ESS (Y11-13), that will:

  • Support teachers that are
    • new to ESS or a new ESS HOD/TIC
    • in geographically isolated areas
    • sole ESS teacher in their school
    • experienced ESS teachers
    • teachers of ESS content in a Y11 -13 Science course.
  • Train and mentor regional representatives and facilitators
  • Run free day-long or after school PLD in each region
  • Run free scholarship workshops for teachers
  • Develop the ESSE website
  • Collect examples of ‘Fit-for-purpose’ assessment tasks and exemplars of student work and innovative teaching
  • Support ESSE teachers with the NCEA standards review.

Project Manager and contact person: Jenny Pollock 0211293174 or